In house landscaping material for pick up or delivery 


 instock material


blewett chips

Blewett Pass 1 inch chips. These dark blue shaded chips which are native to Washington's Blewett pass are excellent for a darker decorative rock landscape and is also easier on the feet if it needs to be walked on.

topsoil composted

Our topsoil is mixed with composted soil. Best application for this material are lawn preps and gardens and flower beds.


pea gravel

this product is great for playgrounds and pathways.

round river rock

Round River Rock fresh out of Rock Island Pond is very clean and attractive choice for  decorative landscape designs and is also a great choice for any drainage projects.  

brown basalt 2-3 inch 

Our brown basalt is one of the top basalts sold in the Wenatchee Valley. Best uses for this material are rock beds and hillsides.


5/8's minus (gravel) 

This product is great for driveways rv pads and pathways.

cherry brown mulch  

this product is great for flower beds and is a great weed suppressant.  

basin basalt 1-2 inch

Basin Basalt is a darker and smaller basalt from the Grant county basin area. Great  Applications for this material are decorative rock beds and rock borders.

basin blue river rock 

Another very pretty rock out of the Grant County Basin is this dark river rock. Same applications as our pond rock but with a darker color.


medium red bark

this product is great for flower beds and is a great weed suppressant.